Graduate Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate courses, University of Virginia, Department of Economics, 1900

Lead various undergraduate discussion sessions in economics ranging from entry level class like principle of microeconomics to advanced topics like environmental economics.

  • Utilize a variety of teaching methods including lectures, media, and group discussions
  • Develop, administer and correct more than 100 copies of tests and quizzes in two days
  • Work with students on individual and small group basis (less than three students per group) to reinforce learning concepts, help complete assignments, and improve performance

The table below shows all the classes I havve been a gradute teaching assistant for, sorted by course number:

Class nameYear
ECON 2010: Principles of Economics: MicroeconomicsFall 2012, Spring 2018
ECON 2020: Principles of Economics: MacroeconomicsSpring 2013, Fall 2017
ECON 3010: Intermediate MicroeconomicsSpring 2015, Fall 2016
ECON 3720: Introduction to EconometricsFall 2014, Fall 2017
ECON 4430: Environmental EconomicsSpring 2014